Fighter NFTs are used to play the game. Each fighter will have a different type, rarity type, weight class, and martial arts specialty. These three variables are will affect which types of cards you receive in the game. To learn more about this, check out the Game Play section.


There are currently 3 types of fighters. V1 fighters, Collab fighters and V2 fighters.

V1 Fighters

These are fighters from our first pack sale.

V1 fighters will earn a FightGrade Token for each match won. Check out the Token Types section for more details.

V1 fighters:


Collab Fighters

We collaborated with various projects on WAX and have made fighters based on their projects. These projects include:

Collab fighters will earn a COMBAT Token for each match won. Check out the Token Types section for more details.

Collab fighters:


V2 Fighters

These fighters will be included in our second pack sale:

Special FightLand Fighters (TBA)

New FightLand fighters will be released through the recruit a fighter feature after the second pack sale. These fighters will also earn COMBAT tokens when released.


  • Amateur (Common)

  • Up and Comer (Uncommon)

  • Gatekeeper (Rare)

  • Number One Contender (Epic)

  • Interim Champ (Legendary)

  • Champion (Mythic)

  • GOAT (Immortal *Can only be earned)

Weight Class

  • Bantamweight

  • Featherweight

  • Lightweight

  • Welterweight

  • Middleweight

  • Light Heavyweight

  • Heavyweight

Martial Arts Specialty

Fighters Strength and Weakness

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