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Ways to Earn

These are the various ways to earn in our game.

  • By holding and staking our Fighter and Promoter cards, you'll earn Fightanium passively. Fightanium will be deposited into your FightLand account once a day.

  • Fightanium can be converted into FightKreds, the token needed to play the game.

  • Trade (buy or sell) Fightanium on Alcor Exchange.

To maximize your Fightanium rate, use our calculator tool to see how much Fightanium you'll generate with the Promoter and Fighter cards you hold.

  • FightKreds are obtained by converting Fightanium. The price of FightKreds move up and down depending on demand.

  • FightKred are used to play a match.

  • Trade (buy or sell) FightKred on Alcor Exchange.

Convert Fightanium to FightKreds and trade them on Alcor Exchange when the price moves higher than your entry point.

FightLand has no plans on selling Upgrade Cards. They will only be available via crafting or the secondary market.

*FightLand may give away low quantities of Upgrade Cards for promotional purposes.

  • Earn COMBAT by winning a match using a collab fighter.

  • Use COMBAT in the Recruit a Fighter feature to have a chance at recruiting a collab or special FightLand fighter.

  • Trade (buy or sell) COMBAT on Alcor Exchange.

Other than purchasing off of the secondary, the only way to obtain a collab or special FightLand fighters is using COMBAT tokens in the Recruit a Fighter feature.

  • Earn a FightCoin after winning 10 matches (currently in PvE). There will be a counter in the game where it'll show how many more match wins you need to earn a FightCoin.

  • FightCoins have various use cases throughout the game.

  • Trade (buy or sell) FightCoins on Alcor Exchange.

  • Use a FightCoin and craft it into a FightCard NFT. FightCard NFTs can be listed a secondary markets like AtomicHub or NeftyBlocks.

FightCoins will be the primary token used to unlock various features and options in the game.

đŸĨŠ Fighters Recruited

  • List fighter NFTs you recruit on the secondary market.

  • Stake fighter NFTs you recruit to gain a better Fightanium rate.

  • Trade fighter NFTs you recruit with other users to optimize your Fightanium rate.

A majority of the fighter supply will be created by using the Recruit a Fighter feature. FightLand plans to have very limited sales of fighters after our 2nd pack sale. We plan to release most new fighters through this feature.

Passively earning tokens and NFT's using this AutoPilot strategy.

đŸ¤ŧ PvP Tournament - TBA

Each tournament will last for 1 month = 1 season.

  • Earn a GOAT (Immortal) and high rarity NFTs

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