*Please note that all values are subject to change and may be adjusted depending on real world data collected during the first phase of the game. *Jan 31, 2022

A majority of the Upgrade Card supply will be crafted by users. FightLand has no plans on selling these cards. They will only be available via crafting or the secondary market. FightLand may give away low quantities of Upgrade Cards for promotional purposes.

Rarity Upgrade

  • You must match fighter types when upgrading rarities. For example, if youโ€™re upgrading a V1 fighter, all of your fighters must be a V1 type fighter. You will not be able to mix different fighter types when upgrading rarities.

Benefits of upgrading rarities:

  • Favorable market conditions for particular fighter rarities.

AutoPilot Upgrade Card in conjunction with AutoPilot scholarships can create a passive stream of claimable Upgrade Cards available to claim whenever your schedule permits.

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