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*Please note that all values are subject to change and may be adjusted depending on real world data collected during the first phase of the game. *Jan 31, 2022
Scholarship Video

FightLand Scholarships.

How to Qualify

Users who own at least 5 promoters and 50 fighters can unlock scholarship programs and become a manager.

What it Cost to Unlock Scholarships

The one time cost of unlocking Scholarships will be around
~10 FightCoins per Scholarship (We are in the process of finalizing this amount).

What is a Scholarship Program

A scholarship program gives you the option to set aside fighters to let scholars play the game for you. You’ll collect the match wins,
FightGrade, and
COMBAT tokens the scholar wins. In return, you as the manager will have the option to:
  • share a percentage of what is collected
  • set a NFT prize
  • set a specific number of any WAX tokens you have as a prize.

How will the program work?

Let’s say you decide to make a scholarship that includes 30 fighters. You’ll be required to deposit
30 FightKreds and deposit any prize you want to give to the scholar. The prize could be any NFT or token on WAX (except WAXP). If you don’t want to give out a prize, you can offer a percentage of what the scholar wins for you. A prize or a percentage is not required but recommended as the scholarship will be mutually beneficial. Once the scholar starts, they must complete all 30 matches in order to receive the prize or percentage within a specific amount of time.
As the manager, you’ll also have the option of setting requirements for the scholar. For example, you can have a requirement that the scholar must have completed at least 30-40 matches in training camp mode and minimum percentage win. Training camp mode is open to all scholars to practice and will not require owning any FightLand NFTs to play.

AutoPilot - Scholarships

After your scholar completes the scholarship, you will need to deposit
FightKreds and replenish the prize (if there is one) to make your scholarship active again. To streamline this process, we offer managers the option to unlock AutoPilot. AutoPilot automatically makes deposits or purchases of
FightKreds (if you have enough
Fightanium) and replenish your prizes (if there is one) to your scholarship.

What it Cost to Unlock

The one time cost of unlocking AutoPilot Scholarships will be around
~10 FightCoins per Scholarship (We are in the process of finalizing this amount).

Unlock Multiple Scholarships

You can unlock multiple scholarships using
FightCoins. This would be an ideal way to set different requirements for your scholarships. For example, in one scholarship, you can include 15 fighters, have a lower requirement for the scholar and set a lower percentage or lower value prize. In the second scholarship, if you include 50 fighters, this will be a much longer commitment so the share percentage could be higher or you could offer a higher value prize.